Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Day 96/99: Final things

I've done quite a few things here for the last time now - last fencing session, last Princetonian column, last Junior Seminar, last Greek History seminar, last Butler Gallery meeting, and tomorrow's my last Latin class. I've probably seen quite a few people for the last time, too. I'm quite good with goodbyes, but even so, it's a bit odd.

Princeton's beginning to rev up into Christmas mode - the Wu dining hall decorated itself and held "Winter WUnderland", Christmas-y desserts like Yule logs are starting to be served, and there was a "Winterval" event earlier today with free food, eggnogg, cookie decorating, bowl painting and a Santa wandering around. Photos are here - I particularly like how different US chocolate coins are.

Five of the seven of us taking CLA326 (Athenian Democracy and Its Critics) met up for a goodbye meal in the Whitman dining hall today, after our last seminar, which was really fun - Alex (to the left of me in the photo below) used to be at Cheltenham Ladies' College, and has worked at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, so we bantered about England a bit. Also, apparently Texas is not in the South.

I try not to gush about Verity too much in this blog, but I got a parcel of home-made (and delicious) biscuits from her today, and just had to take a photo (of the ones that broke least in transit):

I'm very aware that I haven't yet fulfilled my promise to do a detailed blog about my Washington DC trip - but I do still have the itinerary, and photos with detailed captions from others on the trip, so I will do that as a postscript blog post at some point.

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