Thursday, 3 December 2009

Day 83/99: Charter Club

So, I went to Charter Club as Janice's guest for dinner last night - my first and probably only experience of an eating club, which are the social hubs for a lot of Princeton students. As always, I took my camera (scaring a lot of people with the flash in the process, but hey).

Campus Club from the outside (in the dark)

The main hallway (Janice wandered into the shot)

The food servery

The dining hall

The "Great Room"

Main stairway, replete with grandfather clock

A room, the name of which escapes me

 TV room

The library

It's quite a nice place - reminds me of the Oxford Union but with food. I guess Oxford formal hall has spoilt me, in that I don't think a meal is anything special unless someone else serves it to me, but it was alright (I had chicken, risotto, chickpeas and tomato, with a chocolate-and-cream tart as dessert). I'm not convinced that the eating club experience is worth $8,000 or whatever they pay, though.

I've also emailed in my completed, 21-page junior paper, so I'll get feedback on that this week; I'm also hoping to make serious headway with my Hellenistic Democracy paper this weekend, so I can then spend a while putting together something interesting about Roman priestly statues for my final class (which luckily doesn't count for my Oxford degree).

I've mostly finished my fourth Daily Princetonian column, too, which should be published on Tuesday - I've been confirmed as a full columnist, and been invited to a Promotions Party tomorrow, so that should be fun. At the Butler Gallery, we're hosting a really exciting exhibit, which should be installed over the weekend for a Tuesday launch party.

Some other photos:

The upper floor of the dining hall, where the college office is

A window full of empties that caught my eye

A nice photo of the grassy area outside my dorm

The tiny cakes we had at lunch, next to my little finger for comparison

The cake provision at dinner, which I don't think I've photographed before

A pair of windows that looked Christmassy and festive

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  1. You're right, that cake is cute. Why must Merton just do weirdly misshapen puddings half the time? (Seriously, some days if I go to lunch I can't tell what it's supposed to be.)