Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Day 89/99: New hair!

I got a new haircut today - I'm not going to bother with a self-portrait, but I'm sure you'll see it in photos before long (and you'll probably all see me within a month anyway). I had it done at the Princeton Barber's Shop, just outside the campus gates - didn't have to wait, it only cost $18, and the guy just cut my hair rather than trying to talk to me (which is always annoying, as they either speak into my deaf ear or are holding a buzzing razor right up against my good ear). He also didn't ask me what exactly I wanted done - it's great to find people who accept "make me look nice for my grandparents at Christmas" as a valid instruction rather than expecting me to think about layers or side partings or ears.

I'm quite enjoying photography now - I upgraded to a two-year Flickr Pro account for £30, and I'm reading a few online photography tutorials and photoblogs. A lot of the stuff is aimed at digital SLR users rather than my point-and-shoot, but I'm happy with what I have for now - a decent SLR with a few lenses to make it worthwhile would cost me £500 or more, even buying second-hand (and buy cheap, buy twice...), and it wouldn't make me any better at taking well-composed photos of interesting things. When and if Ican do that, but feel like I'm being restricted by not having all the manual aperture/focus/zoom power of an SLR, maybe I'll invest in one, but there's no point yet. I've agreed to do some photo work for the Prince - they want to do an exhibit comparing Princeton buildings to the Oxford ones they're based on, so I'll take the photographs in Oxford - and I'm going to try and do some for an Oxford student paper too. I've also started a new blog to try and force myself to take more original photos.

Speaking of photos - those of you who were jealous of the fact that I had blue skies and snow on pretty much the same day will be glad to hear that it rained ridiculously this morning. I got soaked during the walk to Latin.

Only a couple of interesting events in the last few days - my latest article got published in the Prince, I went to a talk by Barbara Bodine (former ambassador to Yemen) on how to discover yourself by travelling overseas, and yesterday it was the opening of the Sympathetic Resonance exhibit I mentioned previously.

A photo of Barbara Bodine (pretty blurry, because I had flash off, so I'm not putting it on Flickr - consider this a blog exclusive):

and of me playing the Sympathetic Resonance machine:

I have more photos of that on my Flickr.

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