Saturday, 12 December 2009

Day 92/99: End of the road (almost)

I've just finished my paper on the decline of Greek democracy after Alexander the Great, 3,577 words long - it's a month before the deadline, so after Christmas I'll reread the four main texts and look at it again, but it's basically finished and - I think - pretty good. My Junior Paper also doesn't need much more than a bit of reorganisation - section headings and the like - so basically, the Princeton work that counts towards my Oxford degree is done. I still need to pass my final Latin exam and produce some kind of ten-page paper on Roman Portraiture, but the former shouldn't be too taxing and the latter doesn't really count - it might look nice on my CV if I do well in it, but I'm not going to stress myself out doing work for it.

I'm also mostly packed - all that's left out are my clothes for this week, my Latin textbook and my notes. I've done the bulk of my Christmas shopping, and I've bought all the Princeton-branded gear I want, but still have a fair bit of money left over. Hurrah.

I haven't had time for much that's interesting recently, between work and packing - but I went for dinner with a friend, and met one of her friends who's a Princeton graduate student but went to Merton, so we swapped stories about the more permanent Fellows (Dame Jessie, the Chaplain, some of the scouts, and the History and English senior tutors). That was fun.

I also realised that I forgot to give a link to my latest article - here. It's getting a surprising amount of attention from outside Princeton - a lot of interpreters and deaf people are commenting on it and emailing me. Also, if anyone wants to see fencing photos, then they're here.

One week exactly, and I'll be somewhere over the Atlantic - it's strange!

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