Sunday, 29 November 2009

Day 79/99: A few photos

Nothing interesting recently - just writing up my junior paper. Should finish today - only a thousand words to go. I also found a couple of news articles about Mary, who ran the Thanksgiving kitchen I blogged about. Apparently she's both a nun and an insurance lobbyist.

If anyone doubted my claim that Princeton was practically deserted for Thanksgiving, here's a photo of brunch on Friday:

While in that dining hall (Wilson College's, the only one open this weekend) I chanced to see this in their student newssheet:

A talent show, in one college, with flat-screen TVs, video games and iPods as prizes? Princeton is ridiculously wealthy. It makes Mr & Mrs Merton look a bit low-key by comparison...

Finally, I picked up a Princeton-branded USB key, just for fun:

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