Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Day 4/99: The campus

I had a free morning today - nothing until a meeting with my Dean at 11.30 - so I had a bit of a lie-in (only got up at quarter past eight; what a rebel), then did something I've been meaning to do for a while: wander round campus and take photos for this blog.

First things first: a few views of Wilf, my hall of residence.

Some of the other Butler buildings (Wilf's on the right):

Inside - the Butler Gallery (still in progress) and Butler Lounge (replete with grand piano):
The courtyard, and its dedication:
Wu Hall, the main Butler building where meals, meetings etc. are:
Moving away from Butler, this is Whitman College, across the road from me. I can't remember who called it "faux-Gothic" and "like Disneyland", but they were right:
I decided to check out the gym at this point - I'll spare you the dull photos of timetables and weights machines, but suffice it to say that it looks awesome. There's a cardio room upstairs full of crosstrainers and exercise bikes, the Stevens Fitness Center with more cardio stuff (inc. treadmills), fixed weights and freeweights, and a swimming pool downstairs - and everything's free! I could get used to this.

Moving on, the university chapel (it's big and dark, so my flash worked imperfectly and I had to digitally enhance these):

I think the architecture speaks for itself.

Finally, the Firestone Library, which confusingly also looks like a church.

And a few other odds and sods from around campus:

This chap is John Witherspoon, a big figure in the independence movement (boo) and an early president at Princeton.
I don't know whether this comes from Black Books or the Geman, though I like the first option better.
Princeton invariably take the view that it's best to be calm and measured about minor, generally non-fatal health threats.
That's all from me for now - expect another post later, hopefully with a final decision about course choices.


  1. I'm sure you know this, but I may as well say it anyway - Katzenjammer is an old-fashioned German term for hangover. Very appropriate for Black Books.

  2. I've digitally enhanced your digitally enhanced photos - too much time on my hands! :D

  3. I do - but it's literally "the howling of cats" or similar, which is probably the context here.

  4. nice pics and thanks for the birthday wishes x

  5. Hey Rob

    Dad just put me on to this, glad to hear you're doing OK. Have you turned into some sort of gym freak? You lustful description of the various equipment had a touch of the Jock about it. Please don't come back with a green jacket with white sleeves and your name printed on the back.

    Hope you make the right choices with your subjects. I for one had a blast as an international student in Australia, not that I spent that much time at uni.


  6. LOL @ Chris's worry you are going to become a 'jock' and also his revalation he 'didn't spend that much time at uni'

    S x

  7. Not planning on becoming a jock, Chris - I don't think fencing and rifle-shooting really qualify me! Good to hear from you - I'm sure we'll speak soon.