Sunday, 13 September 2009

Day 2/99 - the evening

Just got back from a meeting in the International Office - found out a bit about what's required of me coursewise, but more importantly, found out about the events they put on - a weekly Chinese lunch for $1 (about 60p), a weekly game of Go (like chess but eastern), and trips - to see Hair on Broadway for about $45 (yes please), or historical tours of Philadelphia. It sounds really fun - I don't think I'm going to be short of things to do here at all. I also hung out a bit with the French exchange students, from Sciences Po, and they rubbished the Sorbonne as not being prestigious at all since it offers correspondence courses anyone can take - and also, two of them remind me spookily of people I acted with at Oxford...

Have also sent an email about the problem with my swipe card (I can't get into my building after 6pm, and have to stand around looking pathetic until someone takes pity on me and swipes me in), so hopefully that will be fixed tomorrow. Tomorrow also has a talk on The Arts and Humanities at Princeton, a third international students' meeting, a few other college meetings, my Meningitis jab, and my first meals in Wu Hall, so that should all be fun.

Finally, I include this photo only because it will bring great happiness to my long-suffering mother:

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